LM5025B Datasheet PDF – PWM Controller

Part Number: LM5025B

Function: Active Clamp Voltage Mode PWM Controller

Package: TSSOP 16, WSON 16 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Texas Instruments


LM5025B datasheet



The LM5025B PWM controller contains all of the features necessary to implement power converters utilizing the Active Clamp / Reset technique. With the active clamp technique, higher efficiencies and greater power densities can be realized compared to conventional catch winding or RDC clamp / reset techniques. Two control outputs are provided, the main power switch control (OUT_A) and the active clamp switch control (OUT_B). The two internal compound gate drivers parallel both MOS and Bipolar devices, providing superior gate drive characteristics. This controller is designed for high-speed operation including an oscillator frequency range up to 1MHz and total PWM and current sense propagation delays less than 100ns.


• Internal Start-Up Bias Regulator

• 3A Compound Main Gate Driver

• Programmable Line Under-Voltage Lockout (UVLO) with Adjustable Hysteresis

• Voltage Mode Control with Feed-Forward

• Adjustable Dual Mode Over-Current Protection

• Programmable Overlap or Deadtime between the Main and Active Clamp Outputs

• Volt x Second Maximum Duty Cycle Clamp

• Programmable Soft-Start

• Current Sense Leading Edge Blanking

• Single Resistor Programmable Oscillator

• Oscillator Up / Down Sync Capability

• Precision 5V Reference

• Thermal Shutdown


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LM5025B pdf

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