LMC6482 Datasheet PDF – Dual Operational Amplifier

Part Number: LMC6482

Function: CMOS Dual Rail-to-Rail Input and Output Operational Amplifier

Package: SOIC, DIP, VSSOP 8 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Texas Instruments


LMC6482 datasheet



The LMC6482 provides a common-mode range that extends to both supply rails. This rail-to-rail performance combined with excellent accuracy, due to a high CMRR, makes it unique among rail-to-rail input amplifiers. It is ideal for systems, such as data acquisition, that require a large input signal range. The LMC6482 is also an excellent upgrade for circuits using limited common-mode range amplifiers such as the TLC272 and TLC277.

Maximum dynamic signal range is assured in low voltage and single supply systems by the LMC6482s rail-to-rail output swing. The LMC6482s rail-to-rail output swing is ensured for loads down to 600Ω.
Ensured low voltage characteristics and low power dissipation make the LMC6482 especially well-suited for battery-operated systems.


1. Rail-to-Rail Input Common-Mode Voltage Range (Ensured Over Temperature)

2. Rail-to-Rail Output Swing (within 20mV ofSupply Rail, 100kΩ Load)

3. Ensured 3V, 5V and 15V Performance

4. Excellent CMRR and PSRR: 82dB

5. Ultra Low Input Current: 20fA

6. High Voltage Gain (RL= 500kΩ): 130dB

7. Specified for 2kΩ and 600Ω Loads


1. Data acquisition (DAQ)

2. Currency counter

3. Oscilloscope (DSO)

4. Intra-DC interconnect (METRO)

5. Macro remote radio unit (RRU)

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LMC6482 pdf

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