LP5562 Datasheet – Four-channel LED Driver ( PDF )

Part Number: LP5562

Function: Four-Channel LED Driver With Programmable Lighting Sequences

Package: 12-Bump DSBGA type

Manufacturer: Texas Instruments


LP5562 datasheet



The LP5562 is a four-channel LED driver designed to produce variety of lighting effects. The device has a program memory for creating variety of lighting sequences. When the program memory has been loaded, the LP5562 can operate independently without processor control.

The IC is able to automatically enter power save mode, when LED outputs are not active and thus lowering current consumption.

Four independent LED channels have accurate programmable current sinks, from 0 mA to 25.5 mA with 100 μA steps and flexible PWM control. Each channel can be configured into each of the three program execution engines. Program execution engines have program memory for creating desired lighting sequences with PWM control.

The device has four pin-selectable I2C addresses. This allows connecting up to four parallel devices in one I2C bus. The device requires only one small, low cost ceramic capacitor. The LP5562 is available in a DSBGA package.


1. Typical LED Output Saturation Voltage 60 mV and Current Matching 1%

2. Flexible PWM Control for LED Outputs

3. Automatic Power-Save Mode With External Clock

4. Three Program Execution Engines With Flexible Instruction Set

5. Autonomous Operation With Program Execution Engines

6. SRAM Program Memory for Lighting Pattern Programs

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