LT1006 Datasheet – Operational Amplifier ( PDF )

Part Number: LT1006

Function: Precision, Single Supply Op Amp

Package: DIP, SO 8 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Linear Technology, Analog Devices


LT1006 datasheet



The LT1006 is the first precision single supply operational amplifier. Its design has been optimized for single supply operation with a full set of specifications at 5V.

Specifications at ±15V are also provided. The LT1006 has a low offset voltage of 20µV, drift of 0.2µV/°C, offset current of 120pA, gain of 2.5 million, common mode rejection of 114dB and power supply rejection of 126dB.


1. Single Supply Operation

(1) Input Voltage Range Extends to Ground

(2) Output Swings to Ground while Sinking Current

2. Minimum Supply Voltage: 2.7V Min


1. Low Power Sample-and-Hold Circuits

2. 4mA to 20mA Current Loop Transmitters

LT1006 Datasheet PDF Download

LT1006 pdf

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