LT1303IN8-5 Datasheet – High Efficiency DC/DC Converter

Part Number: LT1303IN8-5

Function: Micropower High Efficiency DC/DC Converter

Manufacturer: Linear Technology, Analog Devices


LT1303IN8-5 datasheet



The LT1303, LT1303IN8-5, LT1303-5 are micropower step-up high efficiency DC/DC converters using Burst Mode TM operation. They are ideal for use in small, low-voltage battery operated systems. The LT1303-5 accepts an input voltage between 1.8V and 5V and converts it to a regulated 5V.

The LT1303 is an adjustable version that can supply an output voltage up to 25V. Quiescent current is only 120µA from the battery and the shutdown pin further reduces current to 10µA. The low-battery detector provides an open collector output that goes low when the input voltage drops below a preset level. The on-chip NPN power switch has a low 170mV saturation voltage at a switch current of 1A.

The LT1303 / LT1303-5 are available in 8-lead PDIP or SO packages, easing board space equirements.




LT1303IN8-5 Datasheet PDF Download

LT1303IN8-5 pdf

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