36TXH21 Datasheet PDF – Thermal Switch

Part Number: 36TXH21

Function: Standard thermostats 36T

Manufacturer: Erich Schweizer, ESKA

Image and Pinouts:
36TXH21 datasheet


The temperature switch series 36T Therm-O-Disc offers high reliability in a compact, versatile and cost-effective design. The switching action of bimetal disc provides a High-speed operation in accordance with a very long service life with electric charges up to 15A at 120V AC and 10A at 250V AC (100,000 cycles) and 16A at 250V AC (30,000 cycles).

Switch Actions :

The 36T is available in three single pole, single throw (SPST) switch actions:
Automatic Reset – Can be built to either open or close its contacts on temperature rise.


• Automatic drip coffeemakers
• Water heaters
• Sandwich toasters
• Furnaces
• Dishwashers
• Boilers
• Dryers


36TXH21 Datasheet PDF Download

36TXH21 pdf

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