LV76213A2C PDF Datasheet – Implemented in a Single Chip

Part Number: LV76213A2C

Function: VIF/SIF/Y/C/Deflection /CbCr IN Implemented in a Single Chip

Package: DIP 64 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Sanyo Semicon Device

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The LV76213A2C is VIF/SIF/Y/C/D/Deflection /CbCr IN Implemented in a single chip for PAL/NTSC color television sets. The combination of various video and television signal processing functions, including VIF (Video Intermediate Frequency), SIF (Sound Intermediate Frequency), Y/C (Luminance and Chrominance), D (Deflection), and CbCr (Chroma Blue and Chroma Red), implemented in a single integrated circuit chip is commonly found in television and video processing systems.

Functions :

1. VIF / SIF / Y / C / Deflection / CbCr IN / Implemented in a Single Chip with CPU

2. I2C Bus Control


BIP Chip Maximum Ratings at Ta=25°C

LV76213A2C datasheet

1. VIF (Video Intermediate Frequency): VIF processing involves functions related to handling the video signal’s intermediate frequency, which includes tuning, filtering, and demodulating the video carrier signal.

2. SIF (Sound Intermediate Frequency): SIF processing is responsible for handling the audio signal’s intermediate frequency, including tuning, filtering, and demodulation of the audio carrier signal.

3. Y/C Separation: This function separates the luminance (Y) and chrominance (C) components of the video signal, allowing for better color processing.


LV76213A2C PDF Datasheet