LX6431 PDF – Precision Programmable References

Part Number: LX6431


Manufacturer: Microsemi Corporation

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The LX6431 series precision adjustable three terminal shunt voltage regulators are pin-to-pin
compatible with the industry standard TL431, but with significant improvements. The device
design has eliminated regions of instability common to older generation shunt regulator
products like the TL431.

Designs are made simpler by eliminating the task of insuring capacitive loads, and output voltage and cathode currents don’t combine for unstable operation. The capacitor value is chose simply to give the best load transient response without the possibility of instability.


1. Unconditionally Stable for All Cathode To Anode Capacitance Values

2. Reduced Reference Input Current Allowing The Use of Higher Value Divider Resistors (0.5μA)

3. Sink Current Capability 0.6mA to 100mA

4. Typical Output Dynamic Impedance Less Than 100mΩ

LX6431 datasheet pinout

Other data sheets are available within the file:

LX6431CDM, LX6431CLP, LX6431ACPK, LX6431ACDM, LX6431ACLP,

LX6431BCPK, LX6431BCDM, LX6431BCLP, LX6431IPK, LX6431IDM, LX6431ILP

LX6431 Datasheet

LX6431 pdf