LXM1621-01 Datasheet PDF – Dual Lamp CCFL Inverter

Part Number: LXM1621-01


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Manufacturer: Microsemi Corporation

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LXM1621-01 datasheet



The LXM1621-01 Direct Drive CCFL (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp) Inverter Modules are specifically designed for driving two lamp LCD backlight displays.

Similar to the LXM1620, the LXM1621 excels in applications where critical parameters include very wide range dimmability, high efficiency, and reliable fail-safe design in a small form factor. These 12 volt modules are specifically designed with desktop and industrial applications in mind.

Unlike the LXM1620 or any traditional dimming CCFL inverters, the LXM1621 provides the designer a vastly superior display brightness range. 100:1+ brightness range is achievable with a standard LCD display (see Product Highlight). Our wide range dimming provides exceptional display readability at less than 1% of full brightness, allowing both power savings and low ambient light operating capability(i.e. “night readable”). Digital dimming provides flicker-free brightness control in any wide-range dimming application.


1. RangeMAX Wide Range Dimming

2. 8V to 16V Input Voltage Range

3. Small Form Factor

4. Easy To Use Brightness Control

5. MicroAmp SLEEP Mode

6. Output Short-Circuit Protection And Automatic Strike-Voltage Regulation

7. Fixed Frequency Operation

8. Universal Connector Configuration



1. Hi-Brite Displays

2. Desktop Displays

3. Low Ambient Light Conditions (i.e. Aircraft Cabins, Automobile)

4. Industrial Applications

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LXM1621-01 pdf

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