A3054SU-11 Datasheet – Hall-effect Sensor ( PDF )

Part Number: A3054SU-11

Function: Multiplexed two-wire Hall-effect Sensor IC

Package: SIP 3 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Allegro MicroSystems


A3054SU-11 datasheet


The A3054KU and A3054SU, A3054SU-11 Hall-effect sensors are digital magnetic sensing ICs capable of communicating over a two-wire power/signal bus. Using a sequential addressing scheme, the device responds to a signal on the bus and returns the diagnostic status of the IC, as well as the status of each monitored external magnetic field.

As many as 30 sensors can function on the same two-wire bus. This IC is ideal for multiple sensor applications where minimizing the wiring harness size is desirable or essential.

Each device consists of high-resolution bipolar Hall-effect switch ing circuitry, the output of which drives high-density CMOS logic stages. The logic stages decode the address pulse and enable a response at the appropriate address. The combination of magnetic field or switch-status sensing, low-noise amplification of the Hall transducer output, and high-density decoding and control logic is made possible by the development of a new sensor DABiC™ (digital analog bipolar CMOS) fabrication technology. The A3054SU is an improved replacement for the original UGN3055U.

These unique magnetic sensing ICs are available in two temperature ranges; the A3054SU operates within specifications between -20°C and +85°C, while the A3054KU is rated for operation between -40°C and +125°C. Alternative magnetic and temperature specifications are available on special order. Both versions are supplied in 0.060″ (1.54 mm) thick, three-pin plastic SIPs. Each device is clearly marked with a two-digit device address (XX).


1. Complete Multiplexed Hall-Effect ICs with Simple Sequential Addressing Protocol

2. Allows Power and Communication Over a Two-Wire Bus (Supply/Signal and Ground)

3. Up to 30 Hall-Effect Devices Can Share a Bus

4. Diagnostic Capabilities

Other data sheets are available within the file:

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