LZ0P3641 Datasheet PDF – Color CCD Area Sensor – Sharp

Part Number: LZ0P3641

Function: 1/4-type built-in lens color CCD area sensor with 350K pixels

Package: 14-pin half-pitch WLCC type

Manufacturer: Sharp Electronics


LZ0P3641 datasheet



The LZ0P3641 / LZ0P3642 / LZ0P3645 / LZ0P3646 are 1/4-type (4.5mm) 350,000-pixel built-in lens color CCD(charge-coupled device) area sensors. All pixel signals can be read independentrly via the vertical shift register and horizontal shift register. With their small lens and WLCC-type flat package, it is possible to make ultra small color camera easily.



1. Progressive scan
2. Square pixel
3. Compatible with VGA format
4. Number of effective pixels : 659 (H) x 494 (V)
5. Number of optical black pixels
(1) Horizontal : 2 front and 31 rear
(2) Vertical : 8 front and 2 rear
6. Number of dummy bits
(1) Horizontal : 16
(2) Vertical : 5
7. Pixel pitch : 5.6 µm (H) x 5.6 µm (V)
8. R, G and B primary color mosaic filters
9. Low fixed-pattern noise and lag
10. Blooming suppression structure
11. Built-in output amplifier


Other data sheets are available within the file: LZOP3641, LZ0P3642, LZ0P3645, LZ0P3646

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