M27C512 Datasheet PDF – 512 Kbit (64K x8), EPROM

Part Number: M27C512

Function: 512 Kbit (64K x8) UV EPROM and OTP EPROM

Package: DIP 28, PLCC 32, TSOP 28 Pin Type

Manufacturer: STMicroelectronics


M27C512 datasheet



This is 512 Kbit (64K x8) UV EPROM and OTP EPROM. The M27C512 is a 512 Kbit EPROM offered in the two ranges UV (ultra violet erase) and OTP (one time programmable). It is ideally suited for applications where fast turn-around and pattern experimentation are important requirements and is organized as 65536 by 8 bits.


1. 5V ± 10% supply voltage in read operation

2. Access time : 45 ns

3. Low power “CMOS” consumption:
(1) Active current 30 mA
(2) Standby current 100 µA

4. Programming voltage: 12.75 V ± 0.25 V

5. Programming time around 6 s.

6. Electronic Signature
(1) Manufacturer code: 20h
(2) Device code: 3Dh

7. Packages : ECOPACK versions


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M27C512 pdf

Other data sheets are available within the file: 27C512