M312L2828ET0 Datasheet – DDR SDRAM – Samsung ( PDF )

Part Number: M312L2828ET0

Function : DDR SDRAM Registered Module, 1GB, 128M x 72 ECC Module

Manufacturer: Samsung

Image M312L2828ET0 image


• VDD : 2.5V ± 0.2V, VDDQ : 2.5V ± 0.2V for DDR266, 333
• VDD : 2.6V ± 0.1V, VDDQ : 2.6V ± 0.1V for DDR400
• Double-data-rate architecture; two data transfers per clock cycle
• Bidirectional data strobe [DQ](x4,x8) & [L(U)DQS] (x16)
• Differential clock inputs(CK and CK)
• DLL aligns DQ and DQS transition with CK transition
• Programmable Read latency : DDR266(2, 2.5 Clock), DDR333(2.5 Clock), DDR400(3 Clo
• Programmable Burst length (2, 4, 8)
• Programmable Burst type (sequential & interleave)
• Edge aligned data output, center aligned data input
• Auto & Self refresh, 7.8us refresh interval(8K/64ms refresh)
• Serial presence detect with EEPROM
• SSTL_2 Interface
• 66pin TSOP II and 60 ball FBGA Leaded & Pb-Free(RoHS compliant) package

Block Diagram

M312L2828ET0 datasheet


DRAM is a type of RAM (random access memory) used as the main memory in several computing devices, such as desktop and notebook computers, servers, and high-end workstations. It is the most widely used semiconductor memory used in current generation computers, and offers several significant advantages, such as structural simplicity, very high packing densities (number of bytes that can be stored per unit of chip area), low power consumption, and sufficiently high data read/write speeds. Several types of DRAM are presently available for deployment on various computing platforms, such as home/personal computers, portable computers, and network servers. This type of memory has undergone several innovative technological developments and offers very high price/performance ratios.

Official Homepage: https://semiconductor.samsung.com/

M312L2828ET0 Datasheet