M38063M6-XXXFP Datasheet – 8-Bit CMOS Microcontroller

Part Number: M38063M6-XXXFP


Package: 80 Pin QFP Type



M38063M6-XXXFP datasheet



The M38063M6-XXXFP is 8-bit microcomputer based on the 740 family core technology. The 3806 group is designed for controlling systems that require analog signal processing and include two serial I/O functions, A-D converters, and D-A converters. The various microcomputers in the 3806 group include variations of internal memory size and packaging. For details, refer to the section on part numbering. For details on availability of microcomputers in the 3806 group, refer to the section on group expansion.

The 8-bit microcontroller is so named because its CPU can process data in 8-bit chunks. This means that it can handle data values between 0 and 255 (2^8). The 8-bit microcontroller is typically used for applications that require low-cost, low-power, and low-complexity solutions, such as in consumer electronics, automotive systems, and industrial control systems.


1. Basic machine-language instructions : 71
2. Memory size
(1) ROM : 12 K to 48 K bytes
(2) RAM :  384 to 1024 bytes

3. Programmable input/output ports : 72
4. Interrupts : 16 sources, 16 vectors
5. Timers : 8 bit 5 4
6. Serial I/O1 :  8-bit 5 1 (UART or Clock-synchronized)
7. Serial I/O2 :  8-bit 5 1 (Clock-synchronized)
8. A-D converter : 8-bit 5 8 channels
9. D-A converter : 8-bit 5 2 channels


1. Office automation

2. VCRs, tuners, musical instruments

3. Cameras, air conditioners, etc.


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