M38279EF-XXXHP Datasheet PDF – 8-bit CMOS Microcomputer

Part Number: M38279EF-XXXHP

Function: Single-chip 8-bit CMOS Microcomputer.

Package: 100PFB-A Type


Image and Pinouts:

M38279EF-XXXHP datasheet



The M38279EF-XXXHP is the 8-bit microcomputer based on the 740 family core technology. The 3827 group has the LCD drive control circuit, the A-D/D-A converter, the UART, and the PWM as additional  unctions. The various microcomputers in the 3827 group include variations of internal memory size and packaging. For details, refer to the section on part numbering. For details on availability of microcomputers in the 3827 group, refer to the section on group expansion.


1. Basic machine-language instructions : 71

2. The minimum instruction execution time : 0.5 µs (at 8MHz oscillation frequency)

3. Memory size :
(1) ROM : 4 K to 60 K bytes
(2) RAM : 192 to 2048 bytes

4. Programmable input/output ports : 55

5. Output port : 8

6. Input port : 1

7. Interrupts : 17 sources, 16 vectors (includes key input interrupt)

8. Timers : 8-bit x 3, 16-bit x 2

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