M38B4XMXH-XXXXFP Datasheet – 8-Bit CMOS Microcomputer

What is 8-Bit CMOS Microcomputer?

An 8-bit CMOS microcomputer is a type of computer processor that is designed to perform a range of tasks using an 8-bit architecture. It is a type of microcontroller that integrates a central processing unit (CPU), memory, and input/output peripherals onto a single chip.

The CMOS (Complementary Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor) technology used in these microcomputers provides low power consumption and high speed processing capabilities. These microcomputers are used in a variety of applications, including automotive, industrial control, home appliances, and consumer electronics.

Part Number: M38B4XMXH-XXXXFP

Function: SINGLE-CHIP 8-Bit CMOS Microcomputer

Pacakge : QFP 80 Pin Type



M38B4XMXH-XXXXFP datasheet



The M38B4XMXH-XXXXFP is the 8-bit microcomputer based on the 740 family core technology. The 38B4 group has six 8-bit timers, a 16-bit timer, a fluorescent display automatic display circuit, 12-channel 10-bit A-D converter, a serial I/O with automatic transfer function, which are available for controlling musical instruments and household appliances.



1. Basic machine-language instructions : 71
2. Minimum instruction execution time : 0.48 µs(at 4.2 MHz oscillation frequency)
3. Memory size
(1) ROM : 48K to 60K bytes
(2) RAM : 1024 to 2048 bytes

4. Programmable input/output ports : 51
5. High-breakdown-voltage output ports : 36
6. Software pull-up resistors (Ports P5, P61to P65, P7, P84to P87,P9)
7. Interrupts : 21 sources, 16 vectors
8. Timers : 8-bit ✕ 6, 16-bit ✕ 1
9. Serial I/O1 (Clock-synchronized) : 8-bit ✕ 1z (max. 256-byte automatic transfer function)
10. Serial I/O2 (UART or Clock-synchronized) : 8-bit ✕ 1
11. PWM : 14-bit ✕ 1,  8-bit ✕ 1 (also functions as timer 6)
12. A-D converter : 10-bit ✕12 channels
13. Fluorescent display function : Total 40 control pins
14. Interrupt interval determination function : 1
15. Watchdog timer : 20-bit ✕1


1. Musical instruments, VCR,
2. Household appliances, etc.

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