M42SP-5 PDF Datasheet – Stepping Motor

This post explains for the Stepping Motor.

The Part Number is M42SP-5.

Manufacturer: MITSUMI

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M42SP-5 is 24V, Stepping Motor. A stepper motor, also known as a stepping motor, is a type of electric motor that converts digital input pulses into precise mechanical rotation. Unlike conventional motors that continuously rotate, stepper motors move in discrete steps or increments, hence the name “stepper.” These motors are widely used in applications that require accurate positioning and control, such as in robotics, 3D printers, CNC machines, and various automated systems.

Stepper motors consist of several coils (windings) and a central rotor. The rotor has teeth, and when electrical pulses are applied to the coils in a specific sequence, magnetic fields are generated that interact with the teeth on the rotor, causing it to move in defined angular increments.

OUTLINE “M42SP-5” has acquired the highest output torque among the outer diameter 42mm model series-holding torque : 78.4mN·m, pull-out torque : 27.6mN·m/200pps, and pull-in torque : 26.5mN·m/200pps (12V DC). With superior running noiselessness and other features, this model motor is the most suited to future, compact electronic equipment.


1. High output torque.

2. Superior running quietness and stability.


1. Printers, typewriters, word processors, facsimiles, copy machines

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M42SP-5 PDF Datasheet

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