M51784P Datasheet – Brushless Motor Control – Mitsubishi

Part Number: M51784P

Function: 3-Phase Brushless Motor Control

Package: SOP 36 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Mitsubishi

M51784P Datasheet refer to M51785P Datasheet

Image :

M51784P Datasheet Image


The M51784P, M51784SP, M51785P, M51785SP is a semiconductor integrated circuit designed for a single-chip controller for FDD spindle motor, consisting of power amplifier, Hall ajplifier, FG amplifier, oscilliator and speed discriminator and various protection circuits. The device shows superiority in speed switching function of 1 : 1.2 which enables miniaturization of motor sets and cost reduction.

Block Diagram :

M51784P M51785P Block Diagram


M51784P Pinout

M51784P Datasheet PDF Download




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