M52760 Datasheet PDF – PLL-SPLIT VIF/SIF IC – Mitsubishi

Part Number: M52760


Package: DIP 20 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Mitsubishi

Image and Pinout:
M52760 Datasheet


The M52760 is IF signal-processing IC for VCRs and TVs. It enable the PLL detection system despite size as small as that of conventional quasi-synchronous VIF/SIF detector, IF/RF AGC, SIF limiter, FM detector and EQ AMP.


1. Video detection output is 2VP-P. It has built-in EQ AMP.

2. The package is a 20-pin shrink-DIP, suitable for space saving.

3. The video detector uses PLL for full synchronous detection circuit. It produces excellent characteristics of DG, DP, 920kHz beat, and cross color.

4. Dynamic AGC realizes high speed response with only single filter.

5. Video IF and sound IF signal processings are separated from each other. VCO output is used to obtain intercarrier. This PLL-SPLIT method provide good sound sensitivity and reduces buzz.

6. As AFT output voltage uses the APC output voltage, VCO coil is not used.

7. Audio FM demodulation uses PLL system, so it has wide frequency range with no external parts and no adjustment.

8. QIF AMP has a fixed gain, and good characteristic for NICAM.

Block diagram :

M52760 Block Diagram


1. TV sets, VCR tuners

M52760 Datasheet PDF