MA7805 PDF Datasheet – 5V, Voltage Regulator

Part Number: MA7805 Thru MA7824

Function: 5V, Voltage Regulator

Package: TO-3 Type

Manufacturer: Tesla,  ETC


MA7805 regulator



MA7805 is 5V, Voltage Regulator. This series of fixed-voltage integrated-circuit voltage regulators is designed for a wide range of applications. These applications include on-card regulation for elimination of noise and distribution problems associated with single-point regulation.

A voltage regulator is an electronic device that is used to maintain a constant voltage level, regardless of changes in load or input voltage. It does this by adjusting the output voltage so that it remains within a specified range. This helps to ensure that the voltage supplied to a device remains within the acceptable range, even under varying conditions such as changes in temperature or load.


1. Internal Thermal-Overload Protection

2. High Power-Dissipation Capability

3. Internal Short-Circuit Current Limiting

4. Output Transistor Safe-Area Compensation

Block Diagram:

MA7805 pdf datasheet


MA7805 PDF Datasheet

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