MAP3201 Datasheet – Current Switch Mode PWM LED Driver

Part Number: MAP3201, MAP3201SIH, Marking : SELC2010M

Function: High Current Switch Mode PWM LED Driver

Package : 16 Leads SOIC type

Manufacturer: MagnaChip Semiconductor ( )



The MAP3201 is a high efficiency current mode PWM driver. It is designed for LED driver that is used as the light source of LCD panel. The controller can achieve efficiency higher than 90% for buck and boost applications. The MAP3201 for accurate LED dimming control use external PWMI signal and set internal frequency by external resistor which is programmable.

The MAP3201 has a stable operation with wide input voltage because it can be operated as separated VCC with input voltage It has a auto-restart recovery protection if the system occur fault signal. it can provide a good safety features.






1. PWM Interface LED Driver
2. Current Mode Control Type
3. Auto Restart Mode Protection
4. Output Over Voltage Protection
5. Programmable LED Short Current Protection
6. Power Supply VCC=12V (Max 20V)
7. Programmable LED Current Set (FBP)
8. Programmable Boost switch current limit
9. Synchronization to peer-to-peer or external clock
10. Fully RoHS Compliant


Block Diagram




MAP3201 Datasheet

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