MAP3202 PDF – High Efficiency Switch Mode LED Driver

Part Number: MAP3202

Function: High Efficiency Switch Mode LED Driver

Package: SOIC-14 Type

Manufacturer: MagnaChip

Images:MAP3202 pdf


The MAP3202 is a single channel high efficiency boost type PWM driver with current mode control. It is designed for high brightness LED driver optimized for backlighting system for LCD module.
MAP3202 offers the function of accurate and fast LED dimming control using PWM interface and external dimming MOSFET.

A Switch Mode LED Driver, also known as an LED driver with switch-mode topology, is an electronic device or circuit that efficiently regulates and controls the power supplied to Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs). LED drivers are essential components in LED lighting systems because they ensure that LEDs receive the appropriate voltage and current to operate efficiently and reliably.


1. Wide input voltage range up to 18V

2. PWM Dimming

3. Current Mode Control Type

4. Synchronization to peer to peer

5. Internal Auto Restart Mode Protection

6. Programmable Output Over Voltage Protection

7. LED Short Current Protection

8. Boost switch current limit Protection


MAP3202 datasheet pinout



1. High Brightness white LED backlighting for LCD TVs and monitors

2. General LED lighting applications

MAP3202 PDF Datasheet