MAX492MJA Datasheet PDF – Dual, Rail-to-Rail Op Amp

Part Number: MAX492MJA

Function: Dual, micropower, single-supply operation (+2.7V to +6V), Rail-to-Rail op amp.

Package: Cerdip 8 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Maxim Integrated


MAX492MJA datasheet



The dual MAX492MJA, quad MAX494, and single MAX495 operational amplifiers combine excellent DC accuracy with rail-to-rail operation at the input and output. Since the common-mode voltage extends from VCCto VEE, the devices can operate from either a single supply (+2.7V to +6V) or split supplies (±1.35V to ±3V). Each op amp requires less than 150µA supply current. Even with this low current, the op amps are capable of driving a 1kΩload, and the input referred voltage noise is only 25nV/√Hz. In addition, these op amps can drive loads in excess of 1nF.

The precision performance of the ICs, combined with their wide input and output dynamic range, low-voltage single-supply operation, and very low supply current, makes them an ideal choice for battery-operated equipment and other low-voltage applications.

The devices are available in DIP and SO packages in the industry-standard op-amp pin configurations. The MAX495 is also available in the smallest 8-pin SO: the µMAX package.


1. Rail-to-Rail Output Swing

2. 500kHz Gain-Bandwidth Product

3. Unity-Gain Stable

4. 150μA Max Quiescent Current per Op Amp

5. No Phase Reversal for Overdriven Inputs

6. 200μV Offset Voltage


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MAX492MJA pdf

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