MAX551AEPA Datasheet PDF – Multiplying DAC

Part Number: MAX551AEPA

Function: +3V/+5V, 12-Bit, Serial, Multiplying DAC

Package: DIP 8 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Maxim Integrated


MAX551AEPA datasheet


The MAX551, MAX552, MAX551AEPA are 12-bit, current-output, 4-quad rant multiplying digital-to-analog converters (DACs).

These devices are capable of providing unipolar or bipolar outputs when operating from either a single +5V (MAX551) or +3V (MAX552) power supply. An internal power-on-reset circuit clears all DAC registers on power-up, setting the DAC output voltage to 0V.

The SPI / QSPI and MICROWIRE-compatible 3-wire serial interface saves board space and reduces power dissipation compared with parallel-interface devices.

The MAX551, MAX552 feature double-buffered interface logic with a 12-bit input register and a 12-bit DAC register. Data in the DAC register sets the DAC output voltage. Data is loaded into the input register through the serial interface.

The LOAD input transfers data from the input register to the DAC register, updating the DAC output voltage.



1. 12.5MHz 3-Wire Serial Interface

2. SPI/QSPI and MICROWIRE Compatible

3. Power-On Reset Clears DAC Output to Zero

4. Asynchronous Clear Input Clears DAC Output to Zero

5. Voltage Mode or Bipolar Mode Operation with a Single Power Supply


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MAX551AEPA pdf

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