MDU3C-75 Datasheet – Digitally Buffered Delay Line

Part Number: MDU3C-75

Function: Delay 75 +/-3.7 ns, triple, HCMOS-interfaced fixed delay line

Package: DIP 14 Type

Manufacturer: Data Delay Devices


MDU3C-75 datasheet


The MDU3C-series device is a 3-in-1 digitally buffered delay line. The signal inputs (I1-I3) are reproduced at the outputs (O1-O3), shifted in time by an amount determined by the device dash number (See Table). The delay lines function completely independently of each other.


1. Auto-insertable
2. Completely interfaced for CMOS application.
3. P.C. board space economy achieved.
4. Fits standard 14 pins DIP socket.
5. 3 equal delay units/package.

Other data sheets are available within the file: MDU3C-10, MDU3C-100, MDU3C-15, MDU3C-20, MDU3C-25

MDU3C-75 Datasheet PDF Download

MDU3C-75 pdf