MAX923 Datasheet PDF – Dual Voltage Reference Comparator

Part Number: MAX923

Function: Dual-Supply Comparator / 12µs Propagation Delay (10mV Overdrive)

Package: SOIC-8 Type

Manufacturer: Maxim Integrated

Image and Pinouts:

MAX923 datasheet



The MAX921–MAX924, MAX923 single, dual, and quad micropower, low-voltage comparators feature the lowest power consumption available. These comparators draw less than 4µA supply current over temperature (MAX921/MAX922), and include an internal 1.182V ±1% voltage reference, programmable hysteresis, and TTL/CMOS outputs that sink and source current.

Ideal for 3V or 5V single-supply applications, the MAX921–MAX924 operate from a single +2.5V to +11V supply (or a ±1.25V to ±5V dual supply), and each comparator’s input voltage range swings from the negative supply rail to within 1.3V of the positive supply.

The MAX923 is an integrated voltage regulator manufactured by Maxim Integrated. It is a high-precision, low-dropout linear regulator that is designed for use in portable and battery-powered applications.

The device features a low dropout voltage, ensuring that it can regulate output voltage with minimal drop across the regulator, even when input voltage is close to output voltage.


1. Input Voltage Range Includes Negative Supply

2. Internal 1.182V ±1% Bandgap Reference

3. Adjustable Hysteresis

4. TTL/CMOS-Compatible Outputs

5. 12μs Propagation Delay (10mV Overdrive)

6. No Switching Crowbar Current

7. 40mA Continuous Source Current



1. Battery-Powered Systems

2. Threshold Detectors

3. Window Comparators

4. Oscillator Circuits


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MAX923 pdf

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