DF005S Datasheet – 50V, 1.5A, Bridge Rectifier – Fairchild

Part Number: DF005S

Function: 1.5A, 50V, Bridge Rectifier, Diode

Package: SDIP 4L Type

Manufacturer: Fairchild Semiconductor

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DF005S datasheet


This is Bridge Rectifier.  With the ever-pressing need to improve power supply efficiency, improve surge rating, improve reliability, and reduce size, the DFxS family sets a standard in performance. The design offers an surge rating of 50 A. This is important when improving reliability and increasing efficiency. High efficiency designs strive to reduce circuit resistance, which, unfortunately can result in increased inrush surge. As such high surge current ratings can be required to maintain or improve reliability.


1. Glass Passivated Junctions
2. Lead Free Compliant to EU RoHS 2002/95/EU Directives
3. Green Molding Compound: IEC61249
4. Qualified with IR Reflow and Wave Soldering


1. The bridge rectifier configuration of this diode provides a stable and reliable DC voltage output, which is essential for electronic devices that require a consistent power supply.

2. The surface mount design of this bridge rectifier diode makes it easy to install and saves space on printed circuit boards.

3. The fast recovery time and low forward voltage drop of the bridge rectifier diode improve the overall efficiency of the power supply circu


Absolute Maximum Ratings (Ta = 25°C)

1. Maximum repetitive peak reverse voltage : Vrrm = 50 V
2. Maximum RMS voltage : Vrms = 35 V
3. Maximum DC blocking voltage : Vdc = 50 V
4. Maximum average forward output rectified current : If(av) = 1.5 A

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