MC6850P Datasheet PDF – Serial I/O Controller

Part Number: MC6850P

Function: Asynchronous Communications Interface Adapter

Package: DIP 24 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Motorola (Freescale)


MC6850P datasheet



The MC6850P Asynchronous Communications Interface Adapter provides the data formatting and control to interface serial asynchronous data communications information to bus organized systems such as the MC6800 Microprocessing Unit.


1. 8- and 9-Bit Transmission

2. Optional Even and Odd Parity

3. Parity, Overrun and framing error checking

4. Programmable Control Register

5. Peripheral / Modem Control Fuctions

– MC6850 :  1.0Mhz

– MC68A50 : 1.5Mhz

– MC68B50 : 2.0Mhz


MC6850P Datasheet PDF Download

MC6850P pdf

Other data sheets are available within the file: MC6850, MC6850CL, MC6850CP ,MC6850CS

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