MC74HC4051DT Datasheet PDF – Multiplexer / Demultiplexer

Part Number: MC74HC4051DT

Function: Analog multiplexer/demultiplexer / High–Performance Silicon–Gate CMOS

Package: SOIC 16 Pin type

Manufacturer: Motorola ( Freescale )


MC74HC4051DT datasheet



The MC54HC4051 / MC74HC4051DT, MC74HC4052 and MC54HC4053 / 74HC4053 utilize silicon–gateCMOS technology to achieve fast propagationdelays, low ON resistances,and low OFF leakage currents. These analog multiplexers/demultiplexerscontrol analog voltages that may vary across the complete power supply range (from VCCto VEE).

The 74HC4051, 74HC4052 and 74HC4053 are identical in pinout to the metal–gate MC14051B, MC14052B and MC14053B. The Channel–Select inputsdetermine whichone of the Analog Inputs/Outputs is to be connected, bymeans of an analog switch, to the Common Output/Input. When the Enable pin is HIGH, all analog switches are turned off.


1. Fast Switching and Propagation Speeds

2. Low Crosstalk Between Switches

3. Diode Protection on All Inputs/Outputs


MC74HC4051DT Datasheet PDF Download

MC74HC4051DT pdf

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