PV12P100A01 Datasheet PDF – Trimmer Potentiometer

Part Number: PV12P100A01

Function: Trimmer Potentiometer

Manufacturer: Murata Manufacturing


PV12P100A01 datasheet



This is Trimmer Potentiometer.


1. The unique inner gear system recognizes the position of the center of the shaft of the

2. Sealed construction protects the interior from dust and liquid, which achieves stable performance.

3. Available for ultrasonic cleaning after soldering.

4. Clutch mechanism prevents excessive wiper rotation.



1. Power Rating : 0.5W

2. Shape : Lead

3. Maximum Working Voltage : 300Vdc

4. Adjustment Direction : Top

5. Size : 7mm

6. Number of Turns (Effective Rotation Angle) : 4

7. Total Resistance Value : 10Ω


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PV12P100A01 pdf

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