Mediatek MT3339 Datasheet PDF – All-In-One GPS Receiver

Part Number: MT3339

Function : All-In-One GPS Receiver

Package: VFBGA: 4.3 mm x 4.3 mm, 57 balls, 0.5mm pitch

Manufacturer: MediaTek Inc ( )


Mediatek MT3339-gps-receiver

( Include MT3339 Chip )



The MT3339 is a All-In-One GPS system on a chip (SOC).

A high-performance single-chip GPS solution which includes on-chip CMOS RF, digital baseband, ARM7 CPU and an embedded flash (optional). It is able to achieve the industry’s highest level of sensitivity, accuracy and Time-to-First-Fix (TTFF) with the lowest power consumption in a small-footprint lead-free package. Its small footprint and minimal BOM requirement provide significant reductions in the design, manufacturing and testing resource required for portable applications.

Block Diagram :



1. -165dBm tracking sensitivity

2. 3mA Extremely low continuous-tracking power consumption

3. GPS, QZSS, SBAS support

4. MediaTek AlwaysLocate™ technology for reduced power consumption



1. 22 tracking / 66 acquisition-channel GPS receiver

2. Supports up to 210 PRN channels

3. Supports multi-GNSS incl. QZSS, SBAS ranging


5. 12 multi-tone active interference cancellers (ISSCC2011 award)

6. RTCM ready

7. Indoor and outdoor multi-path detection and compensation

8. Supports FCC E911 compliance and AGPS

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3. GlobalTop+MT3339+PC+Tool+Operation+Manual+v1.1.pdf


Mediatek MT3339 Datasheet PDF


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