MFD-R16 Datasheet – I/O Module, Multi-Function Display

Part Number: MFD-R16

Function: MFD-Titan / Multi-Function Display /  I/O modules IP20, cage clamp terminals

Manufacturer: Moeller, Eaton

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MFD-R16 datasheet



MFD-Titan is a display, HMI, control and input device in one. With MFD-Titan you can create solutions for domestic applications as well as for tasks in machine and plant construction. MFD-Titan is a modular and flexible device. The integral easy-NET network enables the connection of up to eight easy-NET stations to form a single control system. Each easy-NET station can contain a program. This allows the design of systems using high-speed controllers with decentralised intelligence.


1. Logic functions
2. Timing relay and counter functions
3. Time switch functions
4. Arithmetic functions
5. PID controller
6. Operator and display functions

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Other data sheets are available within the file: MFDR16

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