RT8207 Datasheet – Power Supply Controller, Richtek ( PDF )

Part Number: RT8207

Function: DDRII/DDRIII Memory Power Supply Controller / PWM Controller

Package: WQFN-20L type

Manufacturer: Richtek Technology


RT8207 datasheet



The RT8207 provides a complete power supply for both DDRII/DDRIII memory systems. It integrates a synchronous PWM buck controller with a 3A sink/source tracking linear regulator and a buffered low noise reference. The PWM controller provides the high efficiency, excellent transient response, and high DC output accuracy needed for stepping down high-voltage batteries to generate low voltage chipset RAM supplies in notebook computers. The constant-on-time PWM control scheme handles wide input/output voltage ratios with ease and provides 100ns “instant-on” response to load transients while maintaining a relatively constant switching frequency.

Application circuit :


PWM Controller


1. Resistor Programmable Current Limit by Low-Side RDS(ON) Sense
2. Quick Load-Step Response within 100ns
3. 1% VOUT Accuracy Over Line and Load
4. Fixed 1.8V (DDRII), 1.5V (DDRIII) or Adjustable 0.75V to 3.3V Output Range
5. Battery Input Range 2.5V to 26V
6. Resistor Programmable Frequency
7. Over/Under Voltage Protection
8. 4 Steps Current Limit During Soft-Start
9. Drives Large Synchronous-Rectifier FETs
10. Power-Good Indicator


Official Homepage: https://www.richtek.com/Products/


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RT8207 pdf

Other data sheets are available within the file: RT-8207