MLS1000 Datasheet – Optical Dual LED Source ( PDF )

Part Number: MLS1000

Function: Multimode Light Source

Manufacturer: Megger ( )


MLS1000 datasheet



The MLS1000 is a stable optical dual LED source that can be used in conjunction with an optical power meter for optical loss testing of fiber optic cables. It has been designed to output 850nm or 1300nm at a level of -20 dBm into a 62.5/125 multi-mode fibre.


1. 850 and 1300 nm LED source
2. High stability output
3. Temperature compensated
4. Continuous and modulated outputs
5. Exceptional battery life
6. Ruggedised waterproof housing to IP54
7. 3Year manufacturers warranty
8. Dry Cell or Rechargeable operation

Other data sheets are available within the file: MLS-1000


MLS1000 Datasheet PDF Download

MLS1000 pdf