MPX5700 Datasheet PDF – Integrated Silicon Pressure Sensor

Part Number: MPX5700

Function: Pressure Sensor

Manufacturer: Freescale Semiconductor

Image and Pinouts:

MPX5700 datasheet



This is Integrated Silicon Pressure Sensor On-Chip Signal Conditioned, Temperature Compensated and Calibrated. The MPX5700 series piezoresistive transducer is a state-of-the-art monolithic silicon pressure sensor designed for a wide range of applications, but particularly those employing a microcontroller or microprocessor with A/D inputs. This patented, single element transducer combines advanced micromachining techniques, thin-film metallization, and bipolar processing to provide an accurate, high level analog output signal that is proportional to the applied pressure.


1. 2.5% Maximum Error over 0° to 85 °C

2. Ideally Suited for Microprocessor or Microcontroller-Bas

3. Available in Absolute, Differential and Gauge Configura

4. Patented Silicon Shear Stress Strain Gauge

5. Durable Epoxy Unibody Element


MPX5700 Datasheet PDF Download

MPX5700 pdf

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