MRX1550H Datasheet PDF – CMOS MR Magnetic Sensor Switch

Part Number: MRX1550H

Function: CMOS MR Magnetic Sensor Switch

Package: SOT-23 Type

Manufacturer: AnaSem Semiconductors


MRX1550H datasheet



MRX1550H series are monolithic ICs with built-in MRmagnet resistive element and CMOS switch. It becomes the non-contactswitch with low current  consumption,  high  sensitivity  and  reliability  which  is  combined with magnet.

A horizontal magnetic field parallel to the electrode of the package can be detected by an arbitrary polarity. (N pole  ⇔ S pole)


1. CMOS + MR monolithic structure

2. Low current consumption : 4.7µA (VIN=5.0V, Ta=25°C)

3. High-sensitivity Typ. : 1.5mT

4. Operating voltage range : 1.6V ~ 6.0V

5. Detection pulse driving cycle Typ. 50msec with 25µsec width

6. Magnetic direction Both direction / CMOS inverter one output


1. Detection of position : Air cylinder, Antitheft window, Digital door lock, etc.

2. Detection of water level : Water purifier, Humidifier, Bidet, etc.

3. Detection of rotation : Water meter, Gas meter, Wattmeter, Speed meter, etc.

4. Power supply switch : Cordless phone, Electric toothbrush, etc.


MRX1550H Datasheet PDF Download

MRX1550H pdf

Other data sheets are available within the file: MRX1550, MRX1550HTA