MT8223LFMU PDF – LCD TV Driver IC – Mediatek

Part Number: MT8223LFMU

Function: LCD TV driver IC Chipset

Package: QFP128 Pin

Manufacturer: Mediatek


MT8223LFMU Image


The MT8223LFMU is an ultra low-cost HDTV-ready solution for LCD TV manufactures, said MediaTek, adding that the solution’s on-chip audio processor decodes analog signals from the tuner with lip sync control, delivering high quality post-processed sound effect to customers.

The MT8223 is also equipped with embedded HDTV/VGA decoders for reproducing high bandwidth input signals, according to company data.

MT8223LFMU pinout

MT8223LFMU Datasheet

MT8223LFMU pdf

Reference Datasheet

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