MYN12-821K Datasheet – 820V, Metal Oxide Varistor – Tieda

Part Number: MYN12-821K

Function: MYN Series 820V, Metal Oxide Varistor

Package  : Radial Lead Type

Manufacturer: Chengdu Tieda Electronic ( )



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1 – Series type:
N – High Energy Radial Lead Metal Oxide Varistors

2 – Element size (Nominal diameter in mm):
09D(φ7mm), 12D(φ10mm), 15D(φ14mm), 23D(φ20mm)

3 – Varistor voltage: Operating voltage expressed by 2 significant figures:
1st and 2nd digit: the two significant figures of the operating voltage
3rd digit: the number of Zeros to be added to the operating voltage value.
Example: 47V: 470
470v: 471
680V: 681

4 – Tolerance:
J: ±5% K: ±10%


MYN12-821K Spec



MYN12-821K Datasheet


Other data sheets are available within the file: MYN15-821K, MYN23-821K

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