M5229P Datasheet – 7-Element Graphic Equalizer IC – Mitsubishi

Part Number: M5229P, M5229FP

Function : Hi-Hi 7-Element Graphic Equalizer IC

Package:  20Pin ( DIP, SOP ) Type

Manufacturer: Mitsubishi Electric




The M5229P is a 7-element graphic equalizer IC best suited to Hi-Fi audio systems. It has 7-element resonance circuits with OP amp system and an output OP amp. The IC can be used in compact sets of high-density assemblies, modules, and hybrid ICs. Its applications cover Hi-Fi stereo sets, radio cassette tape players, car audio systems, music centers, and electronic instruments.




Absoulte Maximum Ratings ( Ta = 25’C )

1. Supply voltage : Vcc = 36 ( +- 18) V

2. Load current : ILP = 50 mA

3. Power dissipation : Pd = 1000 mW


Block Diagram


M5229P Datasheet


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