MZK400TS60UP Datasheet PDF – 600V, 400A, Diode

Part Number: MZK400TS60UP

Function: 600V, 400A, Fast Recovery Epitaxail Diode INT-A-PAK

Package: Module type

Manufacturer: XIAn IR-PERI Company

Image and Pinouts:

MZK400TS60UP datasheet



This is Fast Recovery Epitaxial Diode.


1. International standard package With DBC ceramic base plate

2. Planar passivated chips

3. Short recovery time

4. Low switching losses

5. Ultra-soft recovery behaviour

Benefits :

1. Increased oprating efficiency

2. Direct mounting to heatsink

3. Ultrasonic cleaners and welders



MZK400TS60UP Datasheet PDF Download

MZK400TS60UP pdf

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