NAS1149 Datasheet PDF – Flat Washer ( Military Spec )

What is NAS1149?

This is a kind of Flat Washers. It is a specification for flat washers used in aerospace applications. The specification outlines the requirements for the physical characteristics, materials, dimensions, and performance of these washers. Specifically, NAS1149 washers are designed to provide a load distribution surface between the head of a fastener and the material being fastened, such as a structural panel or other component.

Function: Washers Aircraft ( NAS-1149 Series, Replaces AN960 Series )

Manufacturer: Genuine Aircraft Hardware

Image :
NAS1149 image


In addition to the NAS1149 specification, there are other specifications and standards that govern the use of washers in aerospace applications, such as MIL-STD-3003 and NAS3350. These standards ensure that the washers used in aerospace applications meet the highest quality and performance standards to ensure the safety and reliability of the aircraft or spacecraft.


1. Remove all burrs and sharp edges.
2. Dimensions in inches and apply after finish unless otherwise specified.

3. Surface roughness shall be 125 microinches Ra per asme B46.1

NAS1149 datasheet pdf


NAS1149 Datasheet PDF


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