NAS1200 Specification – Flush Shear Head – Rivet Spec

Part Number: NAS1200, NAS1200-3

Function: Rivet, Solid, 100 DEG Flush Shear Head, A286 Corrosion Resistant Steel And Monel

Manufacturer: Aerospace Industries Association



A NAS1200 is Flush Shear Head Rivet. Rivets can be made from a variety of materials, including steel, aluminum, copper, and brass.

There are several types of rivets, including solid rivets, blind rivets, and tubular rivets.

A flush shear head rivet is a type of mechanical fastener that is commonly used in manufacturing, construction, and other industries. It is a type of blind rivet, which means that it can be installed from one side of the workpiece without access to the other side.

The flush shear head rivet consists of a cylindrical body with a mandrel or stem that passes through the center of the body. The mandrel is pulled through the body using a special tool, which causes the end of the mandrel to expand and create a bulge on the blind side of the workpiece. This bulge creates a permanent joint between the two workpieces.


(1) A286 (UNS S66286) – Corrosion and heat resistant wire per AMS5734.
(2) Monel (UNS N04400) – Nicide-Copper-Alloy wire per QQ-N-281, Class A ( Annealed ).

Shear Strength At Room Temeratures:

(1) A286 – 85 KSI TO 95 KSI as heat treated.
(2) 90 KSI MIN after driving
(3) Monel – 49 KSI to 59 KSI, as received.


(1) A286 – Passivate per QQ-P-35.
(2) Monel – Only when specified, CADMIUM plate per QQ-P-416, TYPE II, CLASS 2.
Examples of Part Numbers:

(1) NAS1200-4-8 = .125 DIA, .500 Length, A286 Rivet
(2) NAS1200M4-8 = .125 DIA, .500 Length, Monel Rivet, NO Finish
(3) NAS1200M4-8P = .125 DIA, .500 Length, Monel Rivet, Cadmium Plated
(4) NAS1200-4-8-5 = .125 DIA, .500 Length, A286 Rivet


NAS1200 Datasheet PDF



NAS1200 Specification


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