NASM16555 PDF Datahseet – Pin / Straight / Headless (Manual)

Part Number: NASM16555

Function: Pin / Straight / Headless

Manufacturer: AIA ( Aerospace Industires Association )

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The NASM16555 specification defines the specific requirements for machine screws with a pan head, a slotted drive, and a 100° countersink angle. These screws have a long thread and are designed to meet Class 3A tolerance requirements. The Class 3A designation indicates a high level of precision and strict manufacturing tolerances, making these screws suitable for critical aerospace and aviation applications.

The use of standardized specifications like NASM-16555 ensures consistency and quality in aerospace hardware, which is essential for safety, reliability, and interchangeability in the aerospace industry. These screws are commonly used in aircraft and other aerospace equipment where precise and reliable fastening is crucial.

NASM16555 manual


NASM16555 PDF Datasheet