MDS1653 PDF – 30V, 12A, Single N-Ch, MOSFET ( Datasheet )

Part Number: MDS1653, MDS1653URH

Function: 30V, 12A, Single N-Channel Trench MOSFET

Package: SOIC-8

Manufacturer: MagnaChip

Images:MDS1653 pinout datasheet


The MDS1653 uses advanced MagnaChip’s MOSFET Technology, which provides low on-state resistance, high switching performance and excellent reliability. MDS-1653 is suitable device for DC-DC Converters and general purpose applications.

Single N-Channel Trench MOSFET refers to a specific type of metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistor (MOSFET).

1. 30V: This indicates the maximum drain-source voltage (Vds) that the MOSFET can withstand while still functioning correctly. Applying a voltage higher than this rating could damage the device.

2. 12A: This represents the maximum drain current (Id) that the MOSFET can handle under normal operating conditions. Exceeding this current rating may lead to device failure or overheating.


1. VDS = 30V

2. ID = 12A @VGS = 10V

3. RDS(ON)
(1) < 12.0mΩ @VGS = 10V
(2) < 17.5mΩ @VGS = 4.5V


1. DC-DC Converter


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MOSFETs are commonly used in power electronics applications, such as voltage regulation, motor control, switching power supplies, and audio amplifiers.

MDS1653 Datasheet

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