NCT5577D PDF Datasheet – LPC I/O (LQFP 64Pin) – NovoTon

Part Number: NCT5577D

Function: LPC I/O, Super I/O Product

Package: 64-pin LQFP

Manufacturer: NovoTon




The NCT5577D is a member of Nuvoton’s Super I/O product line. The device monitors several critical parameters in PC hardware, including power supply voltages, fan speeds and temperatures. In terms of temperature monitoring, the NCT5577 adopts the Current Mode (dual current source) and thermistor sensor approach.

The NCT5577 also supports the Smart Fan control system, including “SMART FANTM I and SMART FANTM IV, which makes the system more stable and user-friendly.

The IC provides one high-speed serial communication port (UART), which includes a 16-byte
send/receive FIFO, a programmable baud rate generator, complete modem-control capability and a processor interrupt system. The UART supports legacy speeds up to 115.2K bps as well as even higher baud rates of 230K, 460K, or 921K bps to support higher speed modems.

The device provides flexible I/O control functions through a set of general purpose I/O (GPIO) ports. These GPIO ports may serve as simple I/O ports or may be individually configured to provide alternative functions.


1. Support AMD power on sequence

2. Support SERIRQ (Serialized IRQ)

3. Integrated hardware monitor functions

4. Support DPM (Device Power Management), ACPI (Advanced Configuration and Power Interface)

5. Programmable configuration settings

6. Single 24-MHz or 48-MHz clock input

7. Support selective pins of 5 V tolerance


NCT5577D Datasheet