NJM2568 Datasheet PDF – Video Amplifier with 75 ohms Driver

Part Number: NJM2568

Function: Video Amplifier with 75 ohms Driver

Package: SSOP14 Type

Manufacturer: Japan Radio Corporation

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NJM2568 datasheet



THE NJM2568 is a video amplifier with 75 ohms drivers, which  includes LPF and BPF of both Y and C system.  THE NJM2568 can compose the output circuit of digital video  items with a little external components. It is suitable for portable items.


NJM2568 pinout


Text :

Video Amplifier with 75 ohms Driver

Features + + qOperating Voltage V 1=4.5 to 5.3V,V 2=2.7 to 5.3V + qOperating Current 9.5mAtyp.V =4.8V + 7.3mAtyp.V =3.0V qInternal LPF,BPF qInternal Clamp Discharge qBipolar Technology qPackage Outline SSOP14 sBLOCK DIAGRAM 12 COMP. NJM2568 sPACKAGE OUTLINE NJM2568V 11 10 3 Blank LEVEL 3v Vreg 4.8v CLAMP -6dB GCA 6±3dB 2 ATT LPF CLAMP -6dB +18dB 75Ω Driver 1 4 5 DISC. Blank LEVEL 8 9 6 BIAS -6dB GCA 6±3dB 7 14 13 ATT BPF PowerSave 1.CLAMP REF 2.YIN 3.GCA CTLY/MUTE 4.CLAMP 5.DIS CTL 6.GND 7.GND 8.VSAG 9.VOUT + 10.V 1 + 11.V 1 + 12.V 2 13.GCA CTLC/POWER SAVE 14.CIN -1- j sABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS PARAMETERS SYMBOL + Supply Voltage V Power Dissipation PD Operating Temperature Range Topr Storage Temperature Range Tstg + NJM2568 RATINGS 7.0 300 -20 to +85 -40 to +125 + (Ta=25°C) UNIT V mW °C °C sELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS ( Ta=25°C,V 1=4.8V,V 2=3.0V,RL=150Ω) PARAMETERS Operating Current 1 Operating Current 1 (Power Save Mode) Operating Current 2 Operating Current2 (Power Save Mode) (Y Amplifier) Voltage Gain 1 Voltage Gain 2 (C Amplifier) Voltage Gain 1 Voltage Gain 2 (Filter Characteristics) GfY6M GfY7.2M GfY20M DLY GfC±1M GfC±1.6M GfC500k GfC20M DLC TYC 6MHz/100kHz,100mVp-p @Sine Wave 7.2MHz/100kHz,100mVp-p@Sine Wave 20MHz/100kHz,100mVp-p@Sine Wave Group Delay |GD3MHz-GD6MHz| ±1MHz/4MHz,100mV@Sine Wave ±1.6MHz/4MHz,100mV@Sine Wave 500kHz/4MHz,100mVp-p@Sine Wave 20MHz/4MHz,100mVp-p@Sine Wave Group Delay |GD3MHz-GD6MHz| TYOUT-TCOUT at 4MHz 100kHz,Sine Wave,RL=75Ω GCA Control Voltage MUTE Voltage GCA Control Voltage Power Down Voltage -1.0 -1.5 -1.0 -3.0 0 0 -30 60 0 0 -15 -25 60 -20 100 -10 -10 90 dB dB dB nsec dB dB dB dB nsec G [ … ]


NJM2568 Datasheet PDF Download

NJM2568 pdf

Other data sheets are available within the file: NJM2568V