NOIV1SN1300A Datasheet PDF – CMOS Image Sensor

Part Number: NOIV1SN1300A

Function: VITA1300: CMOS Image Sensor, Global Shutter, 1.3 Megapixel

Manufacturer: ON Semiconductor


NOIV1SN1300A datasheet



The VITA 1300 is a 1/2 inch Super-eXtended Graphics Array (SXGA) CMOS image sensor with a pixel array of 1280 by 1024. The high sensitivity 4.8 μm x 4.8 μm pixels support pipelined and triggered global shutter readout modes and can also be operated in a low noise rolling shutter mode. In rolling shutter mode, the sensor supports correlated double sampling readout, reducing noise and increasing the dynamic range.


1. True family concept
2. Multiple shutter modes
3. High configurability
4. Fast adaptability
5. Multiple windowing
6. High dynamic range

Benefits :

1. Ease of adaption over multiple resolutions
2. Global and rolling, in master or slave mode
3. Easily tailored to application requirement
4. Fast switching between operating modes
5. Speed increase from windowing in x and y direction
6. Capturing high dynamic scenes with no loss to image quality


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NOIV1SN1300A pdf

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