NPCE885 Datasheet PDF – TQFP 128Pin – Nuvoton

Part Number: NPCE885, NPCE885PA0DX

Fuction : ChipSet

Package:  TQFP 128Pin

Manufacturer: Nuvoton

Image :


NuMicro ML56 series integrates capacitive touch sensing circuit with enhanced touch key controller, supporting up to 14 independent touch channels with low power characteristics, waterproof, and high noise resistance features. With less than 2 µA consumption, you can complete all touch keys’ calibration in Power-down mode. Also, the touch key can be one of the wake up source; as for the wafer proof characteristic, even with 2 mm depth water droplet, the ML56 series can still identify the exact finger touch; IEC 61000-4-6 conducted noise immunity (CNI) with 10-Vrms noise voltage helps customer pass their EMC standard, which makes it especially suitable for home appliances and industrial control. Moreover, Nuvoton provides a complete development tool and touch library to shorten customer development and mass production by easy calibration of touch key functions.


NPCE885 Datasheet


Other data sheets are available within the file: NPCE885PA0DX, NPCE885PA0DX-GP

NPCE885 Datasheet

NPCE885PA0DX pdf

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