NPD5565 Datasheet PDF – N-Channel Monolithic Dual JFET

Part Number: NPD5565

Function: N Channel JFET NPD5565

Package : mini-DIP 8 pin type

Manufacturer: National ( Texas Instruments )

Images :

NPD5565 datasheet


The 2N5565 / NPD5564 thru 2N5566 / NPD5566 series of N-Channel monolithic dual JFETs is designed for broadband low noise differential amplifier or applications requiring dual matched moderate ON resistance analog switches.

Differential connection of National NPD5565 dual JFET is used when balanced inputs and low distortion are main requirements for AC amplifier, Combination with LF356 opamp shown gives gain of about 500. Noise is somewhat higher than with single-ended JFET.-“FET Databook,” National Semiconductor, Santa Clara, CA, 1977, p 6-17-6-19.



Absolute maximum ratings

1. Gate-to-Gate Voltage : ±40V
2. Gate-Drain or Gate-Source Voltage : +40V
3. Gate Current : 50 mA

Other data sheets are available within the file: 2N5564, 2N5565, 2N5566, NPN5564, NPN5566

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NPD5565 pdf