NT7181 Datasheet PDF – LVDS Transmitter – Novatek

Part Number: NT7181

Function: LVDS Transmitter 24 Bit Color Host-LCD Display Panel Interface

Manufacturer: Novatek

Image and pinouts :

NT7181 datasheet pdf


The NT7181 transmitter contains four 7-bit parallel-load serial-out registers, a 7x clock synthesizer, and five low-voltage differential (LVDS) line in a single integrated circuit. These functions allow 28 bits of single-ended low-voltage TTL (LVTTL) data to be synchronously transmitted over four balanced-pair conductors for receipt by a compatible receiver, such as the DS90CF386 or THC63LVDF84A.T[…]


1. 28:4 Data Channel Compression at up to 297 Megabytes per Second Throughput

2. Suited for VGA, SVGA, XGA and Dual pixel SXGA, UXGA Display Data Transmission From Controller to Display With Very Low EMI

3. 28 Data Channels and Clock-In Low-Voltage TTL and 4 Data Channels and Clock-Out Low-Voltage Differential

4. Operates From a Single 3.3V Supply With 250mW (Typ)

5. Low profile 56 Lead TSSOP Package

6.  Clock edge Programmable for Transmitter

7.  Wide Phase-Lock Input Frequency Range: 25 MHz To 85 MHz


NT7181 Datasheet